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Switches (again)

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I've implemented a few more sector effects, floor movers, doors and crushers and also scrolling walls(unlike Doom, I can scroll both the U and V coords). The biggest new addition though is switches. Unlike my early Doom.Net implementation, these ones can be hooked up to a bunch of different sectors and if one switch activates one of the sectors, the others become activated as well. Switches also switch back to the off state when the sector effect is finished or it just remains on since only elevators and doors can reset themselves.

I made yet another animation. Here I've created two switches, each one hooked to the three blue sectors with the trigger type "mover lower". This lowers the floor height of the sectors until they match the next highest one and there's also the option to switch the floor graphic when it finishes(here I have it on). In the animation I've walked over to one switch and then walked back so you can see both of them, it's hard to see them when close so I probably won't use them that much.

The only sector effect left is stair builders which should be a total bitch. Then it's on to spawner / teleportation triggers.
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Great to see some more gameplay! I usually don't comment but then I thought it would be awful if no one replied, you might think no one cares and that's not true :P I think most people just watch closely without ever saying a word, at least I do. The work so far is impressive, nonetheless :)

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Thanks. I also usually look at everyones journals but don't say anything , so I don't worry if a few entries get no comments.

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