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I dream compiler errors!

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I am currently knee deep in porting work. I am starting to see compiler errors in my sleep now. The major cause of this work is a bunch of namespace changes I made in the last engine rev. Fixing all these types of errors is trivial but time consuming. I hope to have them finished up today so I can start diving into some of the other errors that are going to pop up. I added or changed a number of pure virtual methods in my base classes so most of my objects are going to be missing implementations and can't be instantiated. Once again fun fun.

On a lighter note I'm enjoying the forum discussion around mature themes in games. It's caused me to think about what kind of games I could make that strive for evoking different emotions. It's a neat mental excersize. It gets even more interesting when you try to think of evoking those same emotions in the context of a casual puzzle game. Sounds impossible but I think it can be done. I'm got something to work on for IGF 2009 now :)
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