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My new masterpiece, I call it:

Evil Snowthing and Its Next Victim...

Yeah, I'm pretty much addicted to your game....

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Haha, thats awesome! If you take a picture of it with the 'take picture' button I'll add it to my gallery of snowmen on the website. [grin]

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My snowball fell through the ground (at some place I shouldn't have) and I had to manually abort (by clicking Finish)

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Snowman Village is awesome. It should also come with a government health warning. Lots of great improvements in the new version, although I did prefer the cloud-style buttons. I came across a number of bugs in the last version. At least one of them still exists in the new version:

There were no hazards visible, I rolled off the edge of the ledge to land on the ground below and never made it. Lost a good 4m+ snowball :(

Likely other bug reports to come (I'll wait until they reappear in the latest version before reporting them).

Keep up the good work!


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