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Running Away...

This may be my last journal entry in a while. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to taking any more eye-candy. I'll be heading off on holiday for three weeks from tomorrow. I've been mostly busy with holiday stuff, and some other usual goodness. For the curious, I'll be briefly visiting my relatives on the east-coast of the US, then over to Colorado and Canada for snowboarding for the remainder. I've done a little work on making some more textures and I did some more UI tweaking, but nothing major to report [depressed].

I'll be heading out for a last dinner with my in-laws before I leave, as well as madly stuffing things into bags. If I get any time inbetween that, I might try and post some last screenies before I go. Otherwise, I may stop in occasionally depending on availability. I'm taking my laptop, so I may have some shiny new work to display when I get back too.

Take care all, and keep on codin'! [grin]
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