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I spent the last day or so trying to work out why my game wouldn't run outside of Visual Studio. It ran fine in the IDE, no problems. Eventually I worked out that I could get it to run *sometimes*, if I linked with the multi-threaded CRT, as opposed to the multi-threaded DLL CRT. It's comprised of two parts, by the way... my engine, which is a DLL, and the game (which is an executable, obviously).

Finally I ran into this article, which suggests that I need to do some fancy stuff with exporting STL objects if I'm using a DLL. I don't know if that article applies to VS2005, though.. it seems to be targeted at VS 6.0, and other URLs such as this seem to suggest that if I'm using one CRT consistently (which I was already doing) in a post-6.0 version of VS, I shouldn't need to do anything special...

Anyway, I tried that for a while, without much luck. Eventually it dawned on me that I don't really need my engine to be a DLL, so I made it a static library and all seems (relatively) fine now.

At some stage during all this, I took a break and tried my hand at modelling a head in 3DSMax. Considering I've got very little artistic talent, I was quite pleased with the result. The head is still a bit oddly shaped, though. I might try fix it up later today, and then attempt to make a body for it.

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