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I suck!!

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Mike Bossy


So what I thought would be a few days worth of work to port my old game to the new engine rev is turning into a nightmare. What was just "a few minor object model changes" to my engine was actually a whole lot more. Now I can understand how middleware providers can totally screw their customers without even knowing it. Here is a situation where I am my only customer and I'm practically lying to myself about how drastically my engine has changed. It's sad.

Anyway I have taken a step back from porting my major projects and have started working on porting some of my old samples first. I'm doing this because it seems I didn't end up making my new engine rev support all of the leaf nodes of my object model. That makes porting very hard. :) I'm re-targetting next weekend for having everything ported instead of the middle of the week. It's just so sad that you can lie to yourself and not even know it.
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