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Let the Battles Rage

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Let the battles rage
let dust swirl and rise
from the shifting feet
of steely fighters striving
for their bloody prize

Let the horn of battle sound
as they lift their weary eyes
to the battle standard
that waves and falls
as its bearer drops and dies

Let the fallen wounded
shriek their plaintive cries
up to the stars
above that turn
indifferent in the skies

Aakash Battle Hymn
Circa 43rd cycle
Author unknown

Last night I got the enemy team fighting working. Enemies now look every second or so for new targets on different teams - not just the player.

I had been preparing for the switch for a while, so I already had different concepts of 'player' vs 'controlled entity', so it was mainly a small rewrite to the 'Evaluate Targets' function. Right now they're not too smart about choosing targets, keeping the closest one that's at least 6 meters closer than their last target.

As a kid, I used to draw pictures of cool laser battles, and set up elaborate cardboard and lincoln log forts to shoot down my action figures. Now I get to make these imaginary scenes a little more real. Computers are cool.
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Heh, I used to build giant Lego buildings with tons of robot crap in them and then ran pen and paper RPGs. Now I don't have to do all the math, and it looks better than Lego, too.

Computers are awesome.

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I used to start building giant lego structures then get bored halfway through and give up.

Computers are cool, but I guess some things never change [smile].

Your laser battle looks fantastic, by the way. Kind of feels a bit Return-Of-The-Jedi-Ish.

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Hey, that's pretty cool ... AI is fun ;)

I always liked the concept of certain AI classes not just choosing a target, but choosing a leader as well (perhaps a 'commander AI class' or an individual within the crowd).

The leader could then be a controlling entity for choosing formations of enemy as well as strategies to attack the same enemy/team. For example, the leader could issue a 'charge command' - where the whole bunch of them would abandon cover and charge straight, a 'flank' or combinations of 'covering fire' etc...

If the leader falls and there is no other suitable candidate for leadership, each individual institutes the run-and-hide (and panicked scream) command ;)

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