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My New Project

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I have taken on a very complex project... improving the C++ language based on my knowledge and experience. This will help me learn more about compilers, more about C++, and possibly create a language that SOMEONE will use.

The primary goal of the language itself is:
Create a more coder-friendly language.

I have a long list of features that I want to implement such as turning C++ into a more pure OO language. I will post all the features at a later time.

Many of the features are based on C#, D, Java, and my own experiences/thoughts.

I am implementing the compiler in C++ using boost::spirit; the code is compiled into C++.

For now, I am going to call this language !C, more as a satire of the naming conventions for languages than anything.

NOTE: Remember, this language is designed as my project... for me to learn for the most part. I am not an expert on compilers or languages!
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Very awesome. This sounds like a heck of a challenging project, but I'm positive that it'll be a fun and worthwhile undertaking. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and implementation details as the project develops. [smile]

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!C? That's just a blatant attempt to get your language to the front of the alphabetically sorted programming language list [grin].

Best of luck with the project though. Sometimes I wish I took that Compilers class in college rather than Artificial Intelligence or Graphics.

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