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(Insert Wii pun here.)

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So I had every intention of being productive this weekend. Then on Saturday, I found a Nintendo Wii at the local Wal-Mart. I wasn't expecting to be able to find one until late march or april, so it was a pleasent suprise to say the least.

I don't actually have any other games yet, but Wii Sports is pretty fun. The boxing game is worth it by itself, but then again since Wii Sports comes with the system, it doesn't matter. The other Wii Sports games are quite fun too, but I would like to get a full game for the Wii.

I don't have it hooked up to the intrawebs yet. You see, instead of having the port for a RJ-45 cable on the console, you have to buy an accessory, which is essentially, a RJ-45 port that plugs into a flash drive. And it costs $30.

Ok, ok, I'll get back to work tomorrow[grin]
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You actually like Wii Boxing? I felt it was the worst of the bunch by far. I thought it was horrible.

I mean not all of your punches are counted because it limits the amount you can do (hello, if you're trying to mimic how I fight don't limit how fast I can punch in the game! Totally broke immersion.) It just felt completely chaotic and bleh all-around. Great workout though :)

I was a fan of Bowling obviously and also Baseball even though there's not a whole lot to that game at all :) I just thought it did good at showing off what the Wii could do.

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I was more a fan of Wii Tennis and Bowling myself. The controls for bowling seemed very nice, and tennis was just a great simple game that would work well as a break from the computer.

Unfortunately this was on my brother's system when I was visiting Melbourne over Christmas - I technically own one but it's not in the same city. My family were kind enough to order one for me as a Christmas present, but due to delays it didn't arrive until mid-January when I had long gone back to Canberra. I have to wait until I have a chance to pick it up.

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The Wii Bowling feels most like the real thing, and I enjoy it alot. Although, like real Bowling, I suck at it[lol]

I'll probably get the new Wii Sonic title. Hopefully I can get the LAN adapter soon so I can use the Virtual Console.

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Wii Sports Tennis is by far my favorite. Bowling is the runner-up. The other games seem to have lots of potential but they just lack the finesse and polish of Tennis and Bowling. I agree that boxing is the worst. I hope the poor controls are a result of poor or rushed implementation and are not representative of any inherent limitations in the Wii remote.

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I think the problem is that the control has problems responding to quick movements of the remote. Since most people who play the boxing game will, naturally, punch very fast, the remote has problems responding to the input. I don't know, I just found the Wii boxing quite fun even though some of my punches are missed.

I'm currently playing the new Sonic on the Wii and it's alot of fun. I'm also looking forward to Gundam Scad Hammers.

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