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The other day I realized that I have just been delaying making any progress by staying in the "Design Phase" of the project. I have a list of all the features I would like in the game, And a basic concept written out for the story / levels. So I am going to be moving out of the Design Phase and into full production.

I had initially wanted to go with a 2.5d engine but after carefully considering the amount of 3d artwork that would require I decided against it as my 3D modeling skills are limited to Cubes and Spheres. So I shall be going will a pure 2d tile based engine. I'm going to be writing it using Ravuya's Propane Injector so I can concentrate more on making the game instead of the engine.

The Game is going to be a remake of a little project I did while at Fullsail called Symphony of the Five Rings. Its a side scrolling action adventure role playing game. You play as samurai warrior sent out on a mission to prove your honor and loyalty to the empire.


I've been playing alot of Mario Kart DS as of late. Its freaking awesome! Also WoW is a freaking virus on my time. That is all
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Symphony of the Five Rings eh? Any relation to Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings?

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The original game was based off of the Pen n Paper version of Legend of the Five Rings which has a lot of influence from the Book of the Five Rings. Unfortunately due to a large amount of the content of the original game being lifted from other games I cant really release it. The new version of the game is going to have custom combat system as I don't want to worry about licensing if by some freak chance the game gets popular. So yes it does have some influence from the book. I'm want to pull in as many influences as possible related to samurai as possible.

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