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Mustang Project continues

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So things have been going (slowly) with my Mustang project. Short version of my project: Twin-turbo Mustang 5.0

More details (if you care) in previous journal entries:

So I have still been working on my car, although mostly in research and parts gathering. Having only a few hours of daylight off on the weekends from school, I don't have much time to do actual work on it. Which so far has been ok because I don't have most of the parts anyway. But today marked the end of phase 0!!

Phase 0 was to simply fix what was really wrong with my car (and without fixing would make souping up my car even more pointless), this included fixing the frame (the big one) and the sway bar. Long story short, Mustang + bald tires + ice + offramp = bad. Hit a guard rails, messed up the front a bit and bent the frame an inch or two. Anyway, a while back I actually went and got that fixed for a reasonable price (comparatively). Just fixed the frame though, left the cosmetic damage as is. Also didn't have them fix the sway bar, I figured I could do that myself and didn't want to pay for it.
So I made an order to Summit racing the other day, and one of the parts I got was a sway bar bolt. With my brother's help (or rather, with some help from me for my brother), we fixed it (see if you can spot the problem we had):


Now it doesn't clunk horribly whenever I make left turns or go over bumps.

In addition to those things, I also ordered some hatch struts off ebay and fixed that too, so now I don't have to hold up my hatch with my head whenever I get groceries!

Also from Summit, I ordered:
Rocker Arms
Push rod length checking tool (so I know what size pushrods to buy)
Gaskets (TONS of gaskets)
Spark Plug wires
Cam kit (camshaft, valve springs, lifters, timing chain)
Fuel Pump (255lph)

Also, from B&G Turbokits I bought custom headers specifically made for T-3 twin turbo 5.0 projects, so that works out so I don't have to do any fabrication of my own (which I don't know how).

Previously I also bought a mass air adapter so I can complete that.

Basically, the only big things I have left are an intercooler (which I found one I like, and will probably order this week), and figure out how to tune the pos. I have two choices there: 1) Have a shop dyno-tune it for me 2) buy a TwEECer and do it myself.

The advantage of 2 is that I can do it multiple times without paying more, the downside is I have no idea what I'm doing, and would seriously need a base program. Having a shop do it would probably get it done right, but cost about as much as a TwEECer, and if something changes I have to go back in. So still not sure there.

Anyway, that's where I am, no more power at the moment, but progress nonetheless.
This is the car, btw:
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Recommended Comments

This is my new favorite journal!

(91 GT 5.0 here)

Do you mind posting a detailed explanation of the sway bar bolt fix? My passenger side is broken, and I have lived with that 'clunking' noise for a year now :) I really need to fix that...

Good luck with the rest of the updates, I'll be watching your progress.

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Awesome, I like the GT's.

This is the part I used.

The installation was pretty straight forward. Just jacked it up, took it off, jacked up under the suspension there to line it up and put it on. The sway bar is held in place by retainers as well as the bolts, so it should be in the right place already. Just a wrench and a deep socket is all you need. Well, you don't really need a deep socket, we didn't have one, but it would have made things a bit easier since you have to get behind the wheel there (we didn't bother to take it off, it wasn't that big of a job). Chilton says to torque to 6-12 ft-lbs and you're good to go.
So yeah, I recommend getting that part (or similar), getting a buddy to hold a wrench and do it. Less than an hour job for sure.

Have you done anything to your Mustang? Any big plans? :)

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Thanks for the heads up on the part/installation. That has moved up on my priority queue.

I haven't done any performance work yet -- still trying to get some of the basics fixed. I have had it for 7 years now, and it has 190k miles (it is my daily driver unfortunately). I've had a lot a trouble with the suspension, and had to replace the struts twice already.

The big project (which I will never recommend to anyone) was taking out the AOD transmission and putting in a five speed. That was three unpleasant weeks of late night work, but the AOD was trashed anyways, so something had to give.

I'll post a pic when I have a chance, so you can see how beat up she is. And, I am quite jealous of your turbo-charging plans... I wish I had the time/energy/cash.

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Transmission swap, that sounds tough. Good call though, 5-speed is the only way to go :).

I've had mine for 8 years, 174k miles, daily driver as well. They're good cars.

I'd basically never done anything other than general maintenance to it before, so I'm pretty excited about this project.

What I'd recommend if you don't have much money (and this is actually how this project got started), is check local junkyards for late model Explorer/Mountaineer 5.0's, the intakes and cylinder heads are very cheap and a big upgrade (for the price) from stock. Fortunately yours is already mass-air too, so you don't have to worry about that.

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