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Das Lounge

As I sit here, watching the forum list, I notice that there are 999,996 posts in the Lounge as of this writing. Exciting, isn't it?

Will the 1 millionth crap poster be YOU?

Edit: Sorry, no, it wasn't you. It was Promit. Damn his camping hide.

Das Novarunner

I got the star map up and running; now you can pick a planet with the mouse and then ask the system to go there. Of course, it just sits there dumbly and ignores what you say, but the menu layers are in there.

Next up is probably the main menu layer, and the ship menu layer; two very important components that the player will spend a lot of time in. They'll set the foundations for the other UI bits (quest signup menu, buy/build menu and the bar menu).

Then I'll be spending a few days getting proper models in so it looks like a space game! Planets, starbases, space ships. It'll be awesome. So expect some nicer screenshots after my midterms (man, I hate UV unwrapping).

In the meantime, here's a crappy screenshot of an older version of my starmap:
I wish I had spent more time this reading break on Novarunner, since I sure as hell didn't spend it studying either.

Das Racing Game

Haven't really spent much time on this either, which is really bad. I'll spend more time on it over the next week or so, since the time commitments for it are minimal compared to the complexity of the guts in Novarunner.
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Your screenshot confuses me... well, the upside down mountains are really what confuse me.

But... space games are always good. :D There can never be enough of them.

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Thanks, I learned it all from old porno movies.

Wait, is that something I wanted to admit, or something I wanted to conceal?

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