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Scene-graph-ery - Again

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Stephen R


I worked on my rendering infrastructure today. All I was doing was taking the scene-graph code that I used in the beginnings of sheep pie and updated/edited it for the Kernel Chaos engine. I also ported the camera code. Just a bit of grunt work to get the code translated.

I need to get into the actual model rendering code soon though. I can only go so long with a blank screen before the project starts to bog me down and I usually drop it. I'll hardcode a simple diamond model tomorrow and try to get the shaders working correctly. Once thats done I should be able to get to work on pulling the rendering together. If all goes well with the shaders I hope to have the rendering fully finished in one or two weeks.

I also have the urge to make a small one or two day long 2D game. If I have an idea for what to do I'll code it up some weekend in SDL. I'll only do it after I have the rendering code almost finished, so that means I have two weeks before I'll get a chance to make the game - plenty of times to pick an idea.

American Beauty is on soon, so I'm going to save my code and go watch that now.
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