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Jason Z


Graphics Flex-Line
For lack of a better term, I am going to name the software renderer the graphics flex line. This is intended to show that the processors can be hooked up in a variety of ways and can be very flexible. In fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be a 'line' either. It could be a graph of processors that process geometry in multiple branches that gets combined later on in a later stage of the pipeline. An example would be shadowmapping, where the geometry gets processed into the vertex shader for illumination as well as the vertex shader for the shadow testing.

Ok, they are not exactly parallel branches (the shadow map generation must be complete before illumination rasterization happens) but it illustrates the idea. Of course, I am open to suggestions for better names if anyone has any sudden inspiration. I haven't made much other progress on the project due to:
Laptop Issues
I have been fighting with my laptop for the last two weeks. It seems that the AC circuit for charging the battery has stopped working. I had checked the external power supply, which was fine, and then tried to boot the machine with only the battery, which was fine, and then tried booting the machine with only the AC hooked up (sans battery) and it did nothing.

After tearing the thing apart, I inspected the mobo and didn't find any signs of something burning out or any solder cracks (I have heard that the DC jack breaks often on these types of Dell laptops). So I thought I was lost. Then, since the problems was intermittent for a few days (and now it is full time), I thought I would check my power supply again.

There is zero volts coming out of that thing. There is a very specific pre-condition to running a computer, and that is having more than zero volts to power it up. After checking online, Dell wants $80.00 to replace it. Needless to say, I will be hacking apart my power supply later today and seeing if I can manually fix it. A couple of the lab techs at work are pretty good at that kind of thing, so if I need some help it will be available. Wish me luck!
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 and the same thing happened to me. Instead of buying a new Dell power supply, I picked up a Targus Universal adapter for $30 cheaper ($54 vs $82) at Wal-mart. And, IIRC, the warranty from Targus is better, not 100% sure though. That was probably 6 months ago, and all is still good in Targus land. Just another option for you.

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