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More ruffians!

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My midterms today was exceedingly well, or so I believe. German was a breeze, and CS was mighty nice, sans a certain inductive proof. I won't say more until I have definite results. [smile]

More foes!

Pretty much the last 'feature' to add to the game are some more (interesting) enemies. I've 'uncut' a few items from my previous post just for the sake of having some particularly cool enemies in the game.

The plan is to have each enemy receive a difficulty rating, enabling the game to get progressively harder linearly, rather than just spewing out enemies at random. Currently the game just defines difficulty as the sheer number of cells, not each's prowess.

With that, I give you the the Freezer Cell, the Stalker, and the Mecha Cell.

(Creating ice trails where ever he goes, and absorbing Freeze Bombs to grow larger, it's the Freezer Cell! Let's not forget the Freeze Bomb its carrying..)

(Somesort of lightning-quick cell capable of near-invisibility and able to move through walls with ease. Watch out!)
(Cooler image pending)

(Deflecting machinegun rounds?! Uh oh! Not to mention the missile-firing capabilities!)
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That bit of graphic polish really does make the game pop out. I must remember to find an artist for my next product.

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I have yet to play this game, but no doubt will I play it. It looks great and fun. Very original!

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What can I say that hasn't been said? This gets better and better. The ice trail effect in the first screenshot is a real touch of class.

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