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Book book book

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So my book arrived last night. I've sort of read my way through about half of it, and have learned a great deal about Direct3D, although obviously much of it is meaningless until I actually start to apply it.

All the stuff about materials and lights is interesting, and there are a couple of really strong chapters on using meshes which impressed me. There seems to be a reasonable amount of information about HLSL, although probably more of a starting point than a complete reference.

I was also happy to find an entire chapter devoted to a flexible camera class and the stuff on heightmaps and locking a camera to terrain height also seems very useful to have stuff in a book about.

Clearly a lot of the maths is beyond me, but it would appear that if I understand the "why" of it, D3DX provides a lot of the "how", although I do feel that the math side is going to be my biggest stumbling block.

I guess that is a bit like saying that not being able to run fast enough is my biggest stumbling block to winning the Olympic 100 meters, but never mind [smile].


So tonight's plan is to work through the very early stages of the book and see if I can get a wireframe cube spinning on the screen. This seems to be the 3D equivalent of "Hello world" console applications.

The book seems to gloss over a lot of the set-up code (well, to be fair the code is available on the internet, but not examined in the book) but I'm hoping I can reuse a lot of my existing Direct3D code for that.

Looking at the book, I'm very glad I've spent some time preparing myself for this since I think without the foundation I've developed in the basics of Direct3D, I think the book would be quite off-putting.

I'm sure the next few months of learning are going to be harder than anything I've ever attempted regarding programming before but I'm feeling quite determined and at least I know where to come for help when I get stuck.


Got a wireframe cube spinning around in the middle of the screen, and am able to move it forward and backward into the distance. Woop! My first ever 3D solid with Direct3D.

I started trying to colour it, but because it uses an index buffer, I figure I can't actually apply solid colours to each side, and I'd have to actually duplicate all load of vertices in order to have all the sides done properly.

Still, woop! anyway.
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