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Hello everyone, some good news to report.

I have just finished assembeling a new group and we have decided on a name we will pass on as from now on :). I have been asking a few friends I have met on Gamedev to form a development team. To list the names of our group:

EasilyConfused - Programmer / sheep roaster
Mukkie - Programmer / Battlestar nurd! ;)
Amp'd and Loaded - programmer / website
Release - talker / Artist
Wijnand - Project Lead / programmer / freeloader

The group will be making a engine called the Firefly engine, I have also registered a .com called www.fireflyengine.com hopefully by tommorow we will have a small site up atleast. As I have a year subscription to gamedev, i am keeping this journal updated aswell ofcourse. I have been posting more often in the forums now helping others, still I feel I am not that good of a programmer yet, but hell some of my information might be usefull! :). I am currently writing another engine paper for the people who read my first idea and hopefully it will flesh things out.

We are all hobby programmers, so do not expect magical strivers and the latest groundbreaking technology. We have only set so far a few goals:

- Make the engine + game as modular as possible,
- Have tons of things fly around on the screen
- Newtonian Physics
- Basic AI

We are still in a design progress, I am currently writing a concept of a story line. THis will serve as our "demo" meaning one level just to taste how the game is felt by people, and if it generates enough of a buzz we can continue working on something a little more immersive :)

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