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Been a long time...

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Prinz Eugn



Well, things here in Markland are a'ight. Well, by alright, I mean, boring puncuated by the wierd. I actually wrote a big long journal entry the other day, but it was too whiny, so I decided to not put it up and I feel better now anyway.
Let's get to journalizing!:

My Life (in brief)

I've been preparing to go to the ol' universidad (New Mexico State University), trying to get various scholarships.

Oh, the other weekend I went to "Brain-Bowl," which is a vaguely Jeopardy-esque quiz competition, only with teams of four. It's a championship ladder type-thing, and our team got second, which pissed me off, as I'm very competitive and we kind of got screwed over by some of the questions. The question that really kind of messed us up in the final round was the classic "what are two angles that add up to be 180 degrees?". I can never remember the difference, because of the incredible unimportance, and the total arbitrary names for them: Supplementary? Complimentary? Who gives a shit?

We guessed, and guessed wrong, so automatically the other team gets it, and then the way the rules are set up, they get extremely easy bonus questions, and before we know it we're 30 points behind. We catch up and are neck-and-neck, but when time runs out, they are a question ahead(10 points). Fuckers. 280-270.

We won $300 dollars each, whereas the winning team got $400 each, although we really hope they get forced to go to the national competition(which is the privilege of the winner) and have to spend their prize money on getting there.

Oh, and the $300 is for an Xbox 360 eventually, for Halo 3.

Speaking of Halo, Sir Sapo and I have been kicking ass on Live lately, after a hiatus of almost a year, and I must say, that game is pretty damn fun. SWAT is a favorite of ours, and we are crazy good at it sometimes, although the real fun in playing on Live is the voice-chat.

IMHO, it is the most important and most overlooked feature of Halo 2 online, it really would be pretty mediocre for pure gameplay if not for the fact that it's like hanging out with your friends, only you get to shoot people. Other PC games have voip, but it's just so ridiculously easy to talk on live, and it's the exception not to have a headset.

Is This a Picture Journal Now?

Well, now that I have a memory card for my phone, which has an OK camera, I might as well put up all the cool stuff I see.


Remember the Sunset from last entry? Well, we also have sunrises. You can see near the mountains(I live on the foothill of a mountain range)

White Sands

We had a little family trip to the White Sands National Monument, which is down in the basin from my house. The place is really incredible, just miles and miles of pure white sand, which is quiite visible from space, if you know where to look. Anyway, it's a great place to visit, and a hell of a lot of fun; you can slide down the dunes in snow sleds, and dig sand forts, etc.
Here's some more pictures:
The surface of the dunes is shaped by the wind into a pretty cool pattern, or at least until someone walks on it:

These ones are of Sierra Blanca Peak, which is a huge mountain a little less than 12,000ft high (3600m), although you can't really tell how big it is from these pictures. It's named after it's tendency to be the only thing with snow on it in southern New Mexico for a few months during the year.


Yeah, remember the standard New Mexico Sunset from last time? Well we had an awesome New Mexico Sunset the other day, enjoi:

Some Game Stuff

I need to go play C&C Generals (I've been putting it off for too long), so I'll make another post tonight hopefully, and maybe I can get Sapo to do one, too, he's at least gotten one cool thing done.
Here is a sampling:

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