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Demo Night V Coverage, GDC stuff

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Tuesday, Feb 27

So Sunday night I let myself sucker myself back into playing Guitar Hero II, and it was so awesome that it was horrible. I now have 5 stars on every song at the Hard level except Miserlov and Psychobilly Freak Out (both of which still have 3 stars). I finally got frustrated while playing again last nite trying to get all 5 stars on Expert for the first set of songs. I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight wasn't cooperating. The bad news is that my guitar controller still remains in one piece and functional - I think I'm going to have to hide it. It's laying on the floor taunting me right now.

No, it's okay. I don't have problems.


Anyyyways... I finally posted up my coverage of the IGDA NY Chapter's Demo Night V from last week. Coolest part is that the guys from Heavy Melody Music recorded the whole thing and posted it on GooTube (as I like to call it these days) so I was able to embed the videos into the article as part of the event coverage. So definetly check it out.

I also got an email from Brian Robbins just a little while ago I'll share with you all:

Dustin Clingman and I were talking late last week about where the "new Fairmont" is going to be at GDC this year. It seems like the last time we were in SF, everyone was all spread out into tiny little lobbies that didn't have nearly enough room for us. We cannot allow that to happen again!

Officially, CMP is saying that Jillian's is the new Fairmont lobby. That seems like a good idea except that anyone who has truly experienced GDC should know that anyplace that closes at 1 can't possibly work!

Thus, we propose the Marriott at 55 4th St to fill the void. They've got a really big lobby area that should work great for all your GDC networking needs. It's very close by, and it seems that some evenings even have a few "official" events at the Marriott. The only slight catch is that right now the bar closes at 11. However, we've talked to the manager and he's seemed pretty open and willing to have the bar open later. If you have a few minutes to give them a call to help encourage them, I'm sure it will ensure they are well prepared for us :) I'm on a plane right now and can't look up the phone number but their website is:

Absolute worst case we can start off the evening here, and move somewhere else later in the evening, but I doubt that will be necessary.

Please help spread the word, and I look forward to seeing you again next week!

So yea, pass it along if you're going to GDC. I guess the reasoning is that if hundreds of developers descend upon this place and get drunk, the management won't dare try and toss us at a measly 11pm.

Works for me.

Of course if that's not the case we could all just stagger over to Jillian's for another 2 hours... after that we might be on our own. Either (any?) way, it'll be interesting to see what evolves into the "hot spot" to replace the Fairmont this year.

No new updates on Blitz Blox, though I did break ground on the chain-reaction code and stole some cool particle effects that came with TGB to use for the moment. We'll see if anything develops as I lock myself away for the next week and work on it.

Anyone wanna hold on to my guitar controller for me? both of em?
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