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Books, computers and web dev

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Hello, long time since I updated. Haven't done much really, programming vise that is. But I've got a new laptop, a HP with core 2 duo, 2gb ddr2 667mhz ram, a ati x700 gfx card and a 17" screen :)
I also bought a new gfx card for my desktop, replacing my old gf 4 and some ram and silent cpu cooler. I bought a 0db power supply too, but it didn't work, so I guess I'll get it back any day now, or a new one really.
And I have also bought some books, 9 actually. Those cover a lot of subjects, c#, direct x 9, mdx 9, algoritms, engine design, open gl and c++. I'll post a list and ask for comments when I get home to them so I can tell the whole title and authors.
What I have been doing mostly is work on my friends web page, or a page for his band, a metal band. The address is www.winterdawn.com. It is in swedish, and I'm waiting for him to add content, using a neat cms I wrote to the page. What do you think of it?

Well, gonna get back to work on the level editor now, now when I got a svn repository for it.

Cya guys [smile]
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