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Checking in

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Things are of course busy at work, and then my contractor tells me I have a week to run all the data/phone/cable wiring before he brings in the insulation guys, so I'm spending my evenings drilling holes through studs with a cordless drill, and pulling Cat6 cable. That drilling is hard work, using muscles I don't exercise at the gym!

I tried out the plsm2 using the CVS check-out. First, I had to make it actually build against the 1.4rc1 Ogre package (it was missing some references); second I had to fix the resource paths, and reverse-engineer where things were supposed to go (the install instructions aren't exactly crystal clear), and then after getting the map splitter to work, I still couldn't get it to load a terrain. At that point, I decided to go back to the regular terrain manager for now.

I did get a ways towards integrating Lua, though. I chose to adapt a very narrow layer on top (using C++ templates for variants and functions) I've written before -- re-use my own effort, rather than someone else's :-) The main problem with the libraries I looked at (toLua++, SWIG, and two others) were that they tried to solve to many problems, and thus become too heavy for just dropping scripting into an application. I don't want to subclass multiple-derived classes into Lua. Really!
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Agreed about the heavyweight lua interface libraries.

My needs are relatively simple, so I have a ( probably similar, though probably worse [grin] ) template based lua wrapper for miscellaneous lua stack and state manipulation.

Good luck with your project.

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