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Back from AWOL

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Mike Bossy


I've been a little lax with putting in entries lately. This week I started my paternity leave so I've been surprisingly busy. I thought I'd have extra time to do some work but it ends up that I'm just spending time hanging out with the new kid. This of course is the point of the leave so I'm not feeling bad.

I have been working a little bit on getting my asteroid dodge sample working in the new engine. Everything is up and running but I'm finding some problems with my physics system that I didn't hit before that I need to fix. The problems stem from the whole multi-threaded environment. I'm trying to update objects while the scene is locked by the physics manager thread. I thought I had this problem nixxed by using a message queue for physics updates but I seem to have some holes in where I actually use that queue. I'm hoping it's just because I'm calling the wrong methods on my game objects and they aren't using the safe ones. To deal with this I'm going to do a clean up of my physics calls to make sure there are only safe ones.

Sometimes I wonder if multi-threading is really worth it. As an educational experience it's great but for getting work done it seems to get in the way more than I'd like.
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