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Purely OO

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I have had little time to work on the compiler or the language recently but hopefully it will pick up soon. Once I have more free time I still want to put a list of all the features at the top of this journal.

Though I did have some time today to research some things. I want this to be purely OO unlike C++, so a lot of things have to be changed...

  • Main will be required to be in a class.
  • Classes have to have an access specifier in front of the name.
  • All members/methods have to have an access specifier in front of the name.
  • All classes inherit from class object.
  • All types, including built-in primitives, are reference types.
  • Modified/removed primitive types.
  • Primitive types can be inherited.
  • Operators for the primitive types will be different(semantically) from C++.
  • Syntax for overloading will be different.
  • Implicit/Explicit Casting can be overloaded and they are treated as operators.
  • "Overload" keyword has to be used when overloading functions or operators.
  • "Override" keyword has to be used when defining a virtual method.

Dont think thats a full list of modifications for the whole language. Thats just what I can remember from the top of my head that has to do with the type system.

There are still many things I havnt had a chance to decide on yet that has to do with the type system, such as inheritance, multiple inheritance, contructors, virtual, pass by reference/value, deep/shallow copying, use of the resolution operator "::", and the base class, object.

Turning this into a purely OO language seems to be the biggest aspect of this project. Once that is complete then all that I have planned beyond that is trivial changes, "true" modules, syntactic sugar, and implementing a different syntax for templates.

But since type systems are very complex system and figuring out all the details for this [simple] type system, it will take some time.

Stay tuned!
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