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Screeny Power!

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Here is a new and improved screeny. With artwork that may make it into the game even. Granted said artwork is not complete. There is still more detail needed to be added to the background image. It is supposed to be Mount Fuji. Hopefully I am achieving this. I do not think I am bad at creating art it just takes a while for me to produce something that I am happy with. I haven't really worked on the tiles yet. The solid green tile and the brick tile are all I have right now. But they work for what I need until I get some gameplay working. Also I haven't even started on the player artwork. Drawing the animations for the player is probably the thing I'm looking forward to the least. The blue area at the bottom is where the player information will be displayed. The game will be presented one screen at a time and will transition to the next screen when you move to the edge of the screen or use a door. Hopefully this answers some of your questions about the look and feel of the game.

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When I saw your screenie, the first thing I thought is "that's mount fuji" so you must be doing something right :)

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