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The Stompy Wars

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So I haven't been feeling like working on Blocky Man, which happens just about once a month. So, I'm doing what I usually do in this situation, working on something else until I feel like working on Blocky Man again.

In this case, an Advance Wars clone in XNA:

I've become addicted to play Advance Wars again lately, and figured I'd try seeing if I could get the map system from the game working. I have several started XNA programs that might become my "After Blocky Man" project. This is a top contender, because Advance Wars is one of my favorite game series. However, if I made it, it would have destructible environments, and there would be no unit building.

So yeah, I figure after a few days of working on something else I'll feel ready to go back to working on Blocky Man.
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Yeah, I know the feeling of losing your main throttle on the main project and then branching out like mad on other potential projects. Just keep on telling yourself, "Almost there! Almost there! Once I'm finished, I can get started on something brand-spanking new!". [smile]

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I think I'm over it now, and ready to finish Blocky Man.

Yeah, it is really hard to focus on the main project, especially when I already have my next project planned out and it is really good.

But, I'll get to work on Blocky Man again when I get home today.

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