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The little guys.

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Membrane Massacre is really close to being done. The new enemies are just about finished, and they are a ton of fun to play against -- not to mention quite challenging. I particularly had fun implementing a small variety of 'small' features that add some metaphorical umph to the game:

  • Freeze Bombs can now freeze missiles in mid-flight, causing them to detonate a few moments later. Very handy against a small horde of Mecha Cells.
  • To complement the above, the Freezer Cell now reacts to a missile in its vicinity by using its own Freeze Bomb, halting/removing any potential threats.
  • Mecha Cells are now (mostly) immune to the Freeze Bomb, receiving only a penalty to its maximum speed, and a slightly more blue-ish hue.
  • Mecha Cells violently explode when destroyed. Violently.
  • Stalker Cells, when chasing the player and contacting another cell in its path, throws the offending cell aside in order to race faster at the player at break-neck speed.
  • Missiles now detect collisions with eachother, resulting in a nice blast. Handy for beating a Mecha Cell at its own game.

Additionally, I've decided that slightly 'buffer' versions of each of these new foes will appear on the 4th Wave of each Level as a sub-boss, just for kicks, since players seemed to really enjoy the final boss, El Mucho Membrano, so much. I hope to get in stronger versions of the existing enemies, too. After that will just be some more polish, and Survival mode. Then: out the door!

(Survival mode is going to be brutal. [smile])
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The amount of polish you have put on MM after its initial release is very motivating. Keep up the good work. :)

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