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Is a pain to understand, there are not really good guides out there meant for games. I have read some of charles petzold's Programming Windows Fifth edition but it does not seem it gives a lot of idea how to resolve the problem of synchronization.

Furthermore the Xbox presentation does give an idea how to do it. But again the code on its own without the speaker can be quite scary. I am still a big fan of the multithreading idea, but looking now it might not be possible seeing our current skill. IS there any book at all that covers this area? Or should we just grab some code experiment on it and hope it crashes? ;). I found one tutorial, but realized this was a straight copy past from herbelt schildt his book:)

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I wouldn't read any Windows-specific guides; Windows threads are pretty much the same as anywhere else.

See if you can find some more general references on multithreaded game development; I know Intel's website has a large series of them and you can find a few here and there (with more on the way, probably).

I'm sure there are also some books on good multithreaded application design; probably worth reading those if you're comfortable with refactoring large chunks of your existing code (which I strongly recommend; multithreading is something that should be in from day minus one).

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thanks for the advice :) I will most likely take a peek at the AMD site aswell hopefully there is a global explanation for it. Since we are programming in Windows the API could be used, but i heard rumors the threads were prone to memory leaks :s

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I don't know what Xbox presentation you're talking about, but there was lots of good multithreading stuff for both PC and Xbox360 at Gamefest last year (check out the Windows and Xbox 360 System Programming Track). The coolest thing about the gamefest lectures is that they come with recordings of all the actual talks, so you can listen to the presentations as you follow along in the slides. Plus, Bruce Dawson is like the smartest guy ever. Definitely check out his talk on Multi-Core Memory Coherence.

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hello. about engine name, 'firefly engine'. its cool and nice but maybe you want to know there is already a firefly studio, the creators of stronghold series. they named their engine dragonfly so theres no problem but maybe people will think the firefly engine is created by firefly studios. heres a link:
FireFly Studios
of course its on you i just wanted to tell you about it:D

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thanks for the heads up :)

We are still thinking of a studio name, most people slammed us for stealing from firefly the series ;) lol

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