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Evil Steve


Good news: My ogg vorbis streaming classes seem to have ported properly to my new engine.
Bad news: My ogg vorbis libs need recompiled - doing ov_open() then ov_close() causes a debug assert in some RTL heap function. I get warnings when including the libs anyway, so I should do something about it.
Lol news: MySpace deleted my account after I posted 50 times on some crap DJ's page. Hey, my page has "Bands, don't add me because if you do I'll only go on about how shit you are" in 72 point flashing, magenta text. So I ranted about how terrible he is briefly, then poorly photoshopped a cock over a photo from his page.

Apparently he didn't like that, because this morning, I had a new comment from "DJ PINSIX", but I couldn't log into my account. Requesting a password reminder told me that the E-Mail address doesn't exist. The lol part is that his account is deleted too.
Well, if people will insist on adding me anyway...

EDIT: Aww, his account wasn't deleted, I just assumed it was, but it's all one word with no underscore. Oh well. My MySpace is back up now anyway, due to me keeping the contents in a text file on my PC. Awesome.
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With a name like DJ PENIX, what else were you supposed to do [lol]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Cockfag. Re-add me.

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