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But no Round Kamikaze pilots...

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Well, back to Blocky Man work:

It's best not to dwell on certain things about the Blocky Man universe, like how the people of Round World have built interstellar spacecraft, but their bombers use World War II era technology. Also, don't consider how they are able to do any of these things considering they don't know...arms.

Anyway, occasionally a bomber will fly over and drop some bombs. Luckily, I've programmed it so they won't drop bombs on the player during the final boss fight, like they did in two levels in Stompy's Revenge. Although tonight I have to actually program the, uh, bomb part.

I think if I put alot of work in this weekend I can get the Baron programmed, and be ready to design the level next week. This final level will be exactly what a final level should be, namely, hard. You'll constantly be fighting soldiers and ninjas while dodging bombs, and occasionally you'll have to do all this while jumping between platforms. So yeah, it should be alot of fun[grin]
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Yeah, although I was considering making it semi-transparent so it would still appear slightly blue.

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