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Round Carpet Bombing

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Bomber planes are done:

As with all the enemies in this level, this one turned out really well. Basically the player will be running through the level when the bomber plane flies over and starts dropping bombs. While not a big threat in itself, combined with fighting soldiers and ninjas and suddenly the player might have too much on their hands.

Next up is the final Blocky Man enemy, Baron von Ellipse. My basic idea for the boss fight will be that the Baron will constantly jump and slam into the ground upon landing. When the Baron lands, he destroys a portion of the ground below him. So basically, the player has to lure him into jumping off the cliff to the spikes below. Anyway, that's my first idea, so I'll see how it works out.
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Yep. That's the reason I only have one boss for this game, because to be honest, I didn't have any other boss ideas[grin]. The tough part will be programming the boss in the level editor so it can be used as a regular enemy in custom levels.

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