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See you in sunny (I hope!) Cali!

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Okay, last journal entry from home before I pack everything up and get ready to head to the airport. My flight departs at 6:30am, my friend is driving me to the airport in a little under 3 hours and I'll get into San Fran at around 10am, which gives me the whole day to hang with some family out there and just generally get settled in.

As usual, our "Are you going to GDC?" poll this year revealed that the vast majority of you will be tuning in for our daily coverage of the GDC. We hope not to disappoint. Thanks to some awesome volunteers from our Mod body we're in a bit stronger of a reporting position than I feared we'd be. We may also have some guest coverage by Graham Wihlidal and Wolfgang Engel as well! So definetly stay tuned and, as always, make sure you tell us what you like and what you don't!

For those of you attending, feel free to stop me and say hi if you spot me. Especially if you got a GDnet shirt. I'll take your photo and put you up on the coverage page. You'll be famous [wink]. Check my GGE profile for pics of me if you don't know what I look like. I'll either be wearing a GDNet, GI or IGDA shirt at anytime during the conference.

Yeap, guess that's about it. Still got some final prep-work to do so best get to doin it. See you in CA if you'll be there.
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