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Dialogue Revisited

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Since Fireheart is largely designed to be a story driven game, there will be lots of dialogue. Although we weren't 100% satisfied with the first iteration of the dialogue, we let it be to work on other things. This last week I finally got around to playing with it some more, and the result is below. I think this is better, but still not perfect. I added shadowing to the text, fixed the multi-line spacing issue, and switched out the text box (this one is low res for the moment). Any critiques are much appreciated.

[Shadows for the characters are uncorrected in this shot]

The gameplay video last post brought up some interesting questions about the main characters 'floating' appearance. After thinking about it for a while, I think I know why it seems this way (for all characters the more I look at the game). Each character is updated 60 times per second and movement is based against the deltatime(ms)/16ms (60 fps). However, the animation timers for each character are often much slower than 60 fps. Some are as slow as 10 fps. This leads me to wonder -- is updating the position (movement) faster than updating the animation causing the 'floating' appearance? Unfortunately it seems like quite the task to couple these things this far into the development, but I am always looking for a challenge :)

In other completely unrelated news, I have watched the trailer for
"> Odin Sphere a thousand times. The animation really interests me. And although my next project is probably at least 3 months down the road, I would like to try and create a 2D engine that uses this type of animation. Gets me excited.

But back to work on Fireheart in the meantime.

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Holy! It's been a while since I've chanced by your journal, but I can see that the party is certainly heating up. Your work is looking amazing as usual, SC. [smile]

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Thanks for the compliment -- always keeps me motivated :)

By the way, I still haven't played membrane massacre yet, but it has been on my to-do list for a long while. I see that you are polishing it up for the final release, so I'll grab it soon.

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