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Swings & Roundabouts

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Sorry you didn't get a journal entry last week, I've been pretty busy recently and struggling to get back in the swing of writing weekly journal entries since the big GDNet downtime (It's all their fault really, not just me being bone-idle).

Not really much I can talk about at the moment. I'm seriously looking forward to reaching the point where I can actually talk about the stuff I'm doing at work on for the Team UnrealSP mod team, but for now it's all very hush-hush, which makes for rather boring journal entries.

I looked into the nVidia instrumented graphics drivers this past week. Getting them installed and hooking an application up to read the counters was pretty easy, but unfortunately by graphics card doesn't have many counters available, only one on the GPU, the rest in the drivers.

I still haven't gotten around to the PC upgrade I've been planning since the beginning of January. Although on the positive side my procrastination has resulted in the components dropping in price by around GBP60 total. As a result I shall probably get both XP and Vista for my new machine. The only question is whether to go 32bit XP and 64bit Vista or 64bit for both? My only concern about the latter is compatibility and drivers. Does anyone have any tales of woe/joy to steer me one way or the other?

Work continues as normal. We had one amusing incident after getting some crash report code written. One of the artists left the game running overnight. It crashed and, due to a small bug in the crash report code, proceeded to write out around eighty gigabytes of crash dump data!

Less amusing and more satisfying we managed to get to the bottom of an obscure vtable size mismatch warning in one of our dlls. Turns out we were compiling one of our static libs with RTTI enabled (accidentally) and everything else (deliberately) without.

I'm due to finish my probation period at work this coming week, so hopefully that will all go smoothly.

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I've had no end of problems with drivers with XP 64 Pro.

Basic stuff like printers, USB pen drives and the like have been ok, but my scanner and web cam are useless.

No such problems with a laptop running standard XP.

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