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Best. Weekend. Ever.

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Holy screenshots!

This weekend more or less constituted that infamous "the final 10%" polish that every good game demands. It's always the most painful and agonizing part, but it's also always worth it. I'm absolutely bush-whacked, and am now a little behind on a couple of assignments, but I have no regrets. The last three days saw well over 24 hours of solid work, and I'd trade it for nothing. [smile]

Onto the next level..

Smoother level transitions were always a big thing on my list since the first release. You'd previously just sort of "appear" at the next level without any sort of indication of what just happened, or where you stand in the game.

Nowadays, nifty "Level X", "Wave Y" notifications pop in top, left, and centre at the start of each level and wave, accompanied by a nice bright white flash (or a fade-to-black on level end).

Oh, and big kudos to Draffurd for his voice acting on the beginning of each Wave. (Hehe, you'll see when you play it. [grin])

(And so the world begins anew..)

(Your ship only respawns between Levels, so always be ready during those Wave-to-Wave periods!)

Which ship will *you* choose?

Alright, head's up: I was initially tempted to pull an EDI and just post these screenshots without any words or explanation, but reconsidered. I realized: heck, I want to talk about these. I sure as heck didn't spend my whole Sunday adding ship selection just to post only some sleek screenshots!

(Choose your ship! Stat variations and different coloured thruster trails sell these babies like hotcakes. [grin])

(5 ships in total -- collect them all! Maybe if you can get far enough in Survival mode you'll unlock some more...)

(Finally -- we know who did all of that hard work! [grin])

It took a long time, in short. From the scanlines on the rotating ship portraits, to the GUI component alignments (all by hand!), to the subtle glow effects on the stat bars and the selection indicator below the portrait. Next came actually adding the stats given as variable properties of the player, and balancing the stats around for each ship.


Frankly, I love the look and feel of this whole game. It doesn't matter how egotistical that sounds -- I put tons of hours of hard work and effort into this once-tiny game, and am proud to say that I wrote this game. But it wasn't all me either: without Prinz Eugn my backgrounds and ships would be a whole lot more drab, and without Draffurd the game would be awfully quiet. I'm happy that these folks had enough interest in my project that they would contribute their time to it, and I'm honoured that people like yourself are taking the time to watch my game unfold for the last three months. I also look very forward to thanking you all for playing once I finally get this big lug out the door. [smile]

As for the release date: it won't be long now. Just Survival mode and getting in Draffurd's almost-done music is left (which is sounding killer -- I can't wait to see how much atmosphere it adds!). If all goes to plan, you'll all be toasting malicious cells in a week's time.

Have yourself a good night! Blessings of code upon ye!
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I hate you for your productivity[wink]

I'm really looking forward to playing it once you're done.

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I'm glad this is almost done. I've delayed soooo many hours of homework to test the latest builds. Great Job again Hope. Glad I could be involved in another one of your projects. And ... (forshadowing) can't wait till the next one :D Dun dun dun.

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No probalo!

I better see a Partisan Fighter in there somewhere, or I will be sad.

EDIT: If you need more ships, I can make more. In fact I want to make more, it's just so damn fun.

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Looks like much of teh sexay is coming out of this entertainment product.

I approve wholeheartedly.

P.S. Prinz Eugn: Can you make ship textures? I can sort of make spaceship models, and I'm learning to UV unwrap them, but I can't make good looking textures at all. [crying]

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whoa! how'd i miss all that progress?! this is the kinda stuff that inspires me. i can't wait for the final!


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Utter hats off to you, HopeDagger, and to everyone else involved in the development of this treasure. Staying focused on a single project to this stage is no mean feat (as you know I understand [smile]) and all I can say is that I hope this game gets the recognition it deserves.

Do the Allegro people know about MM by the way?

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Thanks a lot everyone! The kind words really do go a long way. [smile]

@EasilyConfused: I posted the original MM on Allegro.cc back in November, but I haven't mentioned this in-development version outside of my journal.

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If this is a preview into the future of medical treatment, then I guess I'll be attacking my cold head-on someday :-). Just plug it in and start curing!

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