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Art... by hand?

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Prinz Eugn


Today I didn't do very much, I was too busy. Huh, that sounds like something Yogi Berra would say. yay me.

Anyway, I did do a little art, but it was mostly the hardcore on-paper kind for my art class.

Church... with Nazis

The assignment was to illustrate a passage, and my teacher gave us three choices and one of them went something like this: "The Germans with their blonde hair and blue eyes added a sort of cheeriness to the dusty spot in the church courtyard."

I think it may've had something about uniforms, but it made me think of that classic movie with Clint Eastwood- looking it up... "Kelly's Heroes." I had to put a tank in there, because, well, I like tanks and I figured if I could do a decent-looking tank then people would be distracted from my crappy-looking people.

This is just a picture I took with my camera phone, and it's crappy, so I'll have to learn how to use our new scanner/copier/fax/time machine so you guys can see it in all it's hand-painted glory.

Currently I'm working on a spaceship drawing(if you've been reading this journal for a while, you should know I can do a mean spaceship). Instead of my standard technique, I'm going to use acrylic paint entirely, which should get me some bonus points with my teacher, who seems to like me for some reason(personal charm FTW).

Partisan Marks

Sir Sapo and I have pondered upon the way we are going to explain the differences between the airplane in Angels 20, our classic game, and Angels 22, the sequel.

We (I) have come up with a clever way to explain this: The F/AX-44 Partisan program is split up into 3 'Marks', the Mk. I for Angels 22, the Mk. II for Angels 22's first half, and the Mk. III for the second half.

Let me, as I'm sure you really care, explain the fictional origins of the Partisan in the Angels 2- universe. The Partisan was originally made as an austere attack fighter capable of operating in an independent action group with a small carrier that contain's automated maintenance systems for the airplane. The two proof-of-concept/prototype systems were fully armed and sent into combat during the Cuban War, even though there were obvious shortcomings in the fighter's design(This was Angels 20). The fighter could only carry one weapon, and had a very limited fuel supply, but it could take of vertically.
The Mk. I:

These problems were remedied in the Mark II, though with vertical takeoff and landing sacrificed for greater payload and performance. The Mk. II also had improved electronics and a much greater capacity for air-to-air combat. Also: cupholders.
The Mk. II:

The Mk. II was succesful, but even higher performance was deemed necessary in order to fulfill it's mission, as it became clear that threats were becoming more formidable. The Mk. III looks subsantially different from the earlier two versions, having to large engines with panel-type thrust vectoring exhausts, and no vertical tail. It has what has been described as "Crazy-diculous" manueverability, and can also fit newer higher-power consuming weapons.
The Mk. III:

Here they are, side by side, with and F-15 for comparison:

Yeah, I have school tomorrow...

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