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Well, here we are.

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I arrived safe and sound in Cali at around 9:40am after about a five and a half hour flight. I screwed myself over on the way out tho because I changed my seat to a window so I could sleep and not be bothered by people getting up to use the bathroom - problem was that the only window seat I could get was in the back, and this model Airbus didn't have room back there in the last row to recline. Luckily though there was no one in the middle seat beside me so I was able to stretch out. Still, didn't get as much sleep as I had hoped. Then I arrived at the airport and waiting almost 30 mins for my bag. It never appeared on the carousel so I went up to the desk to check if it had been lost and lo and behold it's sitting off to the side in the unclaimed baggage area. I guess someone pulled it off the carousel before I got there thinking it was theirs, realized their mistake and just left it sitting around. Bastards.

So then my cousin picked me up and took me out to lunch at a diner nearby before dropping me off at the hotel, where I hooked up with Michalson and Kelly. We couldn't check in until around 3pm so we checked our bags and went out for a walk. As soon as we get outside Michalson spots this blue Lamborghini convertible (later identified by Seyi as a Diablo) sitting at the light. It drove off looking all bad ass, of course. We hoofed it 5 blocks down to the convention center, where Moscone West was all set up for the first two days of tutorials.

Around the corner and we arrived at Moscone South, where they were still setting things up for the Expo and sessions starting on Wednesday. Here you can see them putting together the MS Lobby Bar.

After that we hiked back towards the hotel and stopped off at the Metreon to check out the Walk of Game. It was kind of disappointing that they had no signage up whatsoever telling people what the Walk of Game was, so I guess it's now defunct? Although they inducted some new people/characters/games last year, I didn't hear any word about an induction ceremony this year. If anyone else has let me know so I can be there. We also stopped for some food, well Kelly and Michalson did, I wasn't hungry again yet.

On our way back to the hotel we spotted the blue Diablo parked on the street outside and took some sweet shots of it sitting there. Here's one for you

Michalson's sharp eye caught this Ferrari (later ID'd by Seyi as an F430) as well after we had just finished taking photos of the Lambo

In my colors too!! Well, cept for the red calipers, I would had them silver. Or silver rims and yellow calipers. But it was still awesome. I want one. Maybe after the Z.

So we got checked into our rooms and Kelly and I both took a nice little nap. Around 5:30 we met up down in the lobby with Michalson and Richard (superpig) to head out for dinner.

Seyi and his girl Christina also joined us at that time. We moseyed on out to see what we could find and ended up at a steak joint 2 blocks or so away. Good food, interesting too because you placed your order, stood in line like at a buffet and as you moved down you got a salad and a drink, and by the time you're at the register your steak or whatever you ordered is ready. So it was kinda like fast food. Pretty neat, and real good too.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel to check out its lounge, which was way up on the 21st floor and was pretty nice, with nice dimmed lighting for a cool atmosphere, though the music was a little on the loud side, even for me. But all the external walls were almost nothing but windows so the view was great, especially down into Union Square

Richard didn't feel like getting smashed the first day (smart [smile]) so we all went easy on the drinks as well (as in, I didn't even have one, haha).

Good start to the week. While we were all together we talked a lot about GDNet and the direction we want to go. It was all very motivated and insightful conversation, and everyone was always on the same page in regards to what we want done and how we want to do it, with great points being made on a number of items. As the week progresses and we continue to flesh things out as a group, by the end of the week we'll have a much clearer idea of where things are going and how we're going to go about getting there. And I'll make sure that you all know about it. Promise.

But okay, it's getting late and I'm still a bit exhausted, which is not what you want to be at the start of this week! [smile] We're meeting in the lobby at 7:30 tomorrow to head over to Moscone West to get our pres registration set up and get started, so I'll post another update then.

Oh, and sorry for not having any sort of GDC Preview article up this year. I may write one tomorrow if I get a chance, but if not then accept my apologies - I dropped the ball on that this year with so much other stuff going on. Rest assured tho that we'll be giving you all as much as we always do.
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I can't believe GDC is already here. I'll be on the expo floor Wednesday through Friday, it should be a good time.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Thanks a lot for the writeup! I really appreciate the details and the pictures -- can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!


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I want an F-430 Spyder.

Who is getting a Ferrari in the game industry and why don't I have one yet?

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