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40hr actionRPG

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err so yeah, i went about the one-week all wrong. i misunderstood that i was supposed to log hours towards an ideal work week. oops. i've learned from some of my mistakes on the project and i'm restarting from scratch. i'm following the outline at how to build a game in a week from scratch with no budget. right now i'm still on my first couple of hours, setting up a framework that will hopefully do the job.

i was copying mcshaffry's event manager and halfway through his code i was like "wtf, i don't understand most of this, how am i going to put it to use?!" i mean the guy's using templated functions as member methods, and its full of stuff i don't see anywhere near this section of the book. the first thing on my mind this morning came out of my keyboard into #GameDevelopers:

i gotta learn how to take my defeats better than this
i was struggling with mcshaffry's complicated (for me) game object message system yesterday and i knew before i was halfway done copying it over, that i didn't understand enough of how the code worked that i would be able to use it
i was baffled and confounded and i threw my hands in the air and played Okami for the rest of the day
maybe thats exactly what i needed, but the feeling of hopelessness didn't help anything

i don't know if this is a Dr Phil moment or what but its a serious problem that's been hampering my progress for years. i'm at about 5 hours and i lost the last 3 hours fighting with something i didn't understand. big thanks to Viridian, you helped me figure out templated functions. i'm gonna need a book on that before i touch Game Coding Complete again. its way over my head.

the goal of THIS project is much more focused than the one-week was. one-week was more to see what i could accomplish in a set amount of time. i got further than i ever have with actionRPG but i set lofty goals for the time constraint. it was a good learning experience. this time i'm aiming at getting DragonWarrior1 going with (a crippled sort of) actionRPG.

i think already i lost focus of that goal - i don't think i actually NEED an event system for one-monster battles. i guess one of the hidden agendas is that i don't want the code to be another throwaway, i really hate spending time making something to just throw it out in the end. maybe i need to get used to that. i want to wind up with the beginnings of an actionRPG engine that i can expand and do other things with. too lofty a goal for this 40-hour thing? probably. i already lost 3 hours because of it.

Blackdot, despite not knowing the details of the project, you were absolutely right. i wouldn't have been willing to listen to you either way though, i was hell-bent on getting that "feature" in yesterday. i see now that i gotta drop the idea. when i pick up actionRPG again after 40hours is done, i'm pretty sure i HAVE to get it in, though. Viridian, i'm gonna need to make the first iteration with void*'s flying around. sorry, man. i can't do things any other way than what i understand.

i gotta figure out a better way to track my time. right now i'm just adding time tags sporadically through my thought-dump text files [poop break, 8:37am].. if i can't get any suggestions about anything else, you guys, at least throw some ideas about that at me. i need to see that i've wasted a full hour beating my head against a wall, before it turns into 3 hours. hmm, maybe i could build a little time tracker tool that has start, pause, and stop buttons and a textbox that makes a time tag with a time sum on it... almost like a punch clock program. that's actually not a half-bad idea.

oh, and i'm pretty sure Twilight Princess pillaged Okami's gameplay from Clover. i hate that i'm trying to circle my analog for spin attacks and not getting anything. damn you nintendo! gimme a brush and canvas over link's tools, any day of the week (but give me my ball-and-chain.. god i love that thing!)

/me out
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Event systems are not hard at all. They're just FSM's with a few extra things. Like a queue for instance.

Essentially you only need add and remove event functions. Add will place an event (represented by an index or number) at the end of the queue. Remove will take that out and move all the other indices down by one. It may not be an accurate representation of a queue but it still works. So then you have something that processes the queue... It will at the end of every loop grab an event, and execute it. Each loop does this... So then you can have events come out one at a time. And each are included.

If you want I can give you some code that works for this purpose.


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