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At the GDC 07

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I'm at the GDC '07, waiting for a Serious Games session to start. This is all work. Hopefully, I'll have a little time to go play during intermission, too.
Tomorrow, I fly to the East Coast, only to come back Wednesday night. That leaves Thursday and Friday for GDC proper -- at least that includes the reception night on Thursday!

So I've been spending all last week (and week-end) pulling cable in my remodel. Data (Cat-6), Cable (RG-6-quad) and Phone (Cat-6 -- I had it laying around :-). I've been crouching on the rafters in my dusty attic space, and crawling on all fours in the muddy crawl space, pulling, stapling, drilling, crimping. Every evening, and the week-end, and I took PTO (Paid Time Off -- vaccation time for your non-US-ers) Friday to make sure I finished by today. Which I did -- whew!

That means, no game development. And I fly coach on the six-hour flights across the continent, so I'm unlikely to get much real work done there (can't really open the laptop if the guy in front reclines his seat); much less game development. Patience is a virtue!

It's time to unload the crap from the GDC bag. In fact, the bag is so flimsy this year, you can't really use it for anything. I'm lucky I brought my Timbuk2 messenger bag; a tchotchke from a former life (it has the Be logo on it).
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