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Ready set go

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Alright, so we're all here in the press lounge. By "we" I mean Seyi, Michalson, Kelly, Richard and myself. Dave and Lissa got in earlier this morning and will be joining us later, and Kevin isn't due to arrive until tomorrow night. We also have Dan Marchant (obscure), Sean Kent (Washu) and Ian Overgard (The Senshi) enroute as well to meet up with us at some point today hopefully.

Michalson and Richard hard at work... you can see Seyi's eyes if you look hard enough, hahaha

So we have bigger digs in the press lounge this year, across the hall from the corner we were stuck in back in 2005. Still, I liked the natural light we got back then vs. the high-ceiling indoor lighting this year. But, minor gripes.

GDNet gum! Whoo!!

Here's this year's swag bag for attendees. The usual gamut of shiny pamphlets (top), the conference guide and quick glance (left, right), this year's pad sponsored by IBM (center), some cool post-it notes to promote the new GDC Korea conference (left) and some jelly beans from to do battle with our GDNet gum. So far? Well the guy sitting across from us at the table voted for the jelly beans. So, GDnet gum: 0 - jelly beans: 1. But the day has barely begun.

Finally, we've uncovered that the GDC will be back in Moscone here in San Fran next year as well, in February. The 18-22 to be exact. Should be interesting trying to get all my IGF interviews done before then.

Oh and net connectivity isn't too bad... yet. We'll see how well it holds up when the hordes of people arrive Wednesday. K, gotta go find a power outlet - they don't have strips set up at the tables yet. Next step is to get the coverage page up on the main page, so stay tuned.

Nevermind, the internet sucks. Again. *sigh* I finally gave up on the wireless and just stole a cable from one of the desktops set up here in the Lounge. Bah.
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