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Just a small heads up,

I am going on holidays for 10 days so my updates will be a little scarce now. I will try to update when I am in switserland but I think i prefer offline time. I have a few goals to make and 10 days is really noy enough for those ;)

Most likely my goals will focus on the following :

- Write a small 3D engine guide for beginners
- Small C++ introduction aswell
- Start on Firefly Engine
- Get sued in the process ;)

Basically I have a lot of books on my mind to read and i think i can finish them but it means a lot of focused work. My group has decided that the Firefly engine will not include Networking, or Multithreading. It is still a todo thing, but preferably we should do it after we gotten more experience. It is impossible to make a good engine if you put your scope on a too wide of an angel.

Personally I am working on the following things in the engine:

- Make the design (posted in a bit)
- Allocate jobs
- work work!
- try to attain goals
- spit more demands out ;)

I am glad with the group of people we have working, hopefulyl I can be of beter use this time around in the enhinedesign and building of it. I always seen myself more as a organizer but i am definitly sure I can be more then that :)

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