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Of all the places your aren't.

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So, I've arrived here at the GDC, and by arrived I mean been here and attended a few of the sessions. All in all its quite like I expected [grin]. SGS sessions mostly, as I do have a particular interest in the field of games that educate.

There is a distinct lack of maps, although plenty of room numbers. Yeah, yeah, we're supposed to be omnipotent developers writing the greatest next generation uber-oop-mmorpgfps, but in reality not all of us are that familiar with SF, Moscone, and its 3 different buildings. Well, 2 and one parking garage.

On another note, its funny the people you end up following... here I was walking around figuring out where to go to get my press pass, and for some strange reason I kept running into this person (picture will be up later). Amusingly it turns out it was Ian Overgard (aka The Senshi). So after introducing myself in the most tentacled way I could (he figured me out almost immediately). I was so disappointed that he was able to blatantly recognize me... here I was thinking I had hidden my tentacles better.
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I guess you missed the letter I sent you, written in blood, about how "FaceHat is going to FIND YOU".

I hope you didn't tell him where you were staying.

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