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Thought I'd make one final journal entry before I disappear off on holiday [grin]

Since finishing my part of the book (well, finished until any changes are required [lol]) I've done no development outside of the day-job - I quite enjoyed having a weekend of doing absolutely SFA.

Bought 'Supreme Commander' on Saturday but haven't played more than a few games. It's a damn fine game, even if I am absolute rubbish at it (lost every game I've played so far [headshake]).

I've yet to work out the problem, but the game is horrifically bad at slowing down later on in the game - to the point that I lost a few games simply because the frame-rate dropped to reference-rasterizer pace. Playing at 1600x1200 with full detail and full MSAA runs about the same speed as 1024x768 with low detail and no MSAA - so I can pretty much rule out the graphics card. Given it only slows down later in the game I have to assume it's the CPU not keeping up with the simulation (physics/AI/whatever).

I know an Athlon 3800+ isn't top-of-the-line, but being so slow as to be unplayable is crazy! [oh]

I got to pick my MVP Summit schedule yesterday, so I'm even more excited now. Got a whole day of DirectX-related talks/roundtables which is the obvious attraction; but we also get a day of more general talks (starting with a keynote speech from Bill Gates) that I've selected to be in line with my day-job - Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile 6. Should also get a heads-up on the next iteration(s) of Visual Studio as well.

Anyway, be back sometime on or shortly after 21st March!
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I'll probably see you on Sunday evening too! If not, Monday :o)

Is the mobile # you posted in .ukie the one you're taking? Mine's the same (also the same as the one in Reading). Land @ SEATAC @ 16:50, hopefully with my luggage this time.

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I wish I was an MVP T_T I live 2 blocks away from the convention center :p

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I've seen a few people having problems with supcom when you have a ton of units in play. It really takes a toll on the CPU and makes it nearly unplayable.

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Original post by Driv3MeFar
On the off chance you get to a computer and check this while on vacation, and are in Seattle by the 10th, there's a GDNet Seattle gathering.

Doh, shame, I get in on the evening of the 11th. Jack & Superpig may be there by then though (along with lots of other MVPs - look out for an increas in Microsoft branded clothing everywhere in downtown Seattle that week).

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