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Evil Steve


Especially for Adam:
Ooh, pretty :)

Yes, I don't have graphics output yet. But the sound is AMAZING. Ok, not amazing, average. Well, mediocre. Good enough for my needs anyway. I have static sounds working nicely now, and my CPUID code is AMAZING. And it works on x64, now that I've discovered the __cpuid() intrinsic.

Random snippet of code for sound and music playback:

// Load and play music at half volume
m_pMusic = EAudioMgr::Get().LoadMusic(L"Data/Acid Dominion.ogg");

// Load sound (don't play)
m_pSound = EAudioMgr::Get().LoadSound(L"Data/Test.wav");

DirectSound notifications don't seem to work on my Creative card either, which is quite upsetting, so I'll stick to software buffers. Creating one hardware and one software streaming seems to work, but I bet that's asking for trouble on some cards. It all works now, and only static sounds are allowed into hardware memory, which is nice, since 3D sounds will be static, and they're the ones that matter. One or two streaming sounds won't hurt (famous last words...)

Well, that'll do for today. I was going to do some graphics-y stuff, but I got absorbed with my CPUID code, which was as pointless as it was fun. Everyone knows that a good game engine needs to know how much level 2 cache the CPU has...
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