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hehe, opps..

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So, while I was in college today I happened to get a copy of Vista, both x86 and x64, it's via msdn-aa which is nice :-)

I got home and after dinner set about installing it; everything seemed to go well and good and after about 40mins I had a nice new shiney OS to play with.

First impressions are damned it's nice! There is something about all the little GUI effects which make it all so much nicer than XP to use, smoother somehow I guess.

However, it was while I was about to install some drivers that I noticed something a bit off; it wanted to install to C: and not the drive I thought I had selected. One quick investigation later showed that, yes I had selected the wrong drive and had wiped out my XP install, heh.. opps.

If it wasn't for My Documents living on D: I would be more upset, as it is I've just lost email and favs really. Setting everything up again wasn't top of my list of things to do with about 10 weeks of my degree left but such is life it seems.

I'm going to try and recover my mail tonight and maybe my favs as well as those will be annoying to reconstruct (note to self: automate backup of favs and mail to remote location at some point) then it's onwards once more, as my project relies on OpenGL I might well need an XP install if ATI's drivers aren't up to the task.

As a side note; this post was made via my phone via WiFi and yet again I'm aware of how hard it is to navigate this site on a mobile device. I think once the GDC is done and things are settled again that I'll bring this issue up again; in this world of ever more capable small screen devices with better and better connection access I don't thing we can afford to ignore the mobile segment when it comes to page rendering and site navigation.

And now, back to recovery and film watching :-)
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That is exactly why I always keep my system files, program files, and project files on separate partitions or disks. That shit has happened to me way too many times. You seem to be taking it rather well though. Way to stay positive.

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