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Not really a whole lot to update. I started a new job as a plumbing/heating/cooling technician on Monday, so I've been pretty swamped with training and will continue to be for sometime. I am setting aside two hours everyday still to work on stuff though. Which should be enough to keep things progressing. I'm also finishing up playing NeverWinter Nights 2 and playing battlefront 2 again (the pc version is so much better then xbox). I don't really have a lot of time for that stuff, but in the coming weeks as I start working on the tools more ( I'm hoping to have the first complete set of tools for the current stage of the engine by April 1st), I want to make some mods using the NWN2 toolkit and the battlefront 2 toolkit as well. I've done moding in the past to some extent and looked at tools, but I've just kind of been winging it on some of the functionality I've currently implemented for my engines toolset, so I figure I better do some research by playing around with some of my favorite games toolsets and seeing if their is anything that I can learn from them.

Oh yeah if you're a starwars fan and you haven't seen it check out
"> A Clone apart It's a continuing series written and produced by a couple of brothers, and it's pretty damn funny. Actually inspired me to play battlefront 2 again.

shadowcomplex wrote : Wow, that texture mapping/animation tool is really nifty. I have actually envisioned something like that for my next project to use. The scrolling across the texture to locate a frame gives me a lot of ideas.

So I don't know much about your project... care to summarize in a brief reply? I'll look into your older entries for more information too.

Yeah, the idea came to me when I realized that it sucks to sit there and try and plot textures, so I wrote that up real quick for helping me with the animation demo. A more complete and full version of that same concept is going to be added to the tool set, where that was just more of something I through together in about an hour without much more then a thrown together design. Kind of like the demos in general that stuff that took the longest was actually writing the classes and what not.

The game I can't say too much about because of a contractual agreement. What I can say is that it's a puzzle game involving robots, kind of similar to something like tetris attack if you ever played that game, but at the same time the game mechanics are a hell of a lot different. Wish I could say more, but it'll become more evident as time progresses and a demo of the game will be out by Mid May sometime.

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