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Early Rain effect + Order icons

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Ok so I'm about half way done with the rain rendering effect. I have it setup so the game can transition to a 'rainy' state seamlessly during any time of day. I imagine the transition from clear -> raining will take about 15-20 seconds?

I have completed:
- Rain sounds
- Fog effects
- 3 layer scrolling skydome rain cloud texture
- Reflections / puddles on the street
- City geometry / actors / vehicles / props / particles are all reflected in the rain puddles.

I still have to add:
- Actual rain particles ~4k per scene.
- Pre-compute rain 'hit positions' on tile basis for free rain hit detection on the world.
- Add splash effect on rain particles
- Add some more complicated dynamic clouds made up of 100s of particles each.
- Thunder & lightning
- [?] Animate/modify the water reflection texture in real-time based on rain drops [?].
- Add mist particles?
- Additional 2D scrolling rain texture?

The lightning will effect the cloud particles around it, etc. and will also cast shadows [maybe]...I can't wait to start coding that part.

I should be done with it later today, I gotta crash for a few hours then it's back to work. I will have a juicy update when I'm done with the effect, as well as a video.

I've been eying the Toy Shop demo by ATI...it's a work of freakin' art, I'm trying to duplicate it obviously with some restrictions/limitations because of the size of the environment, etc.

Here are the work-in-progress screens after a few hours of work [yes I still have to add the rain particles]...

Actually here is a screen grab from ATI's toy shop demo, look at the city/sky/light colors, mines pretty close...[and damn their video compression]...now I just have to add some rain lol.

Also I finalized all the order icons, this also represents the final list of orders you can give to your gangsters...

If you missed it last entry, check out this video of the new internet radio!
Click here to download video of In-Game Radio [13MB MPEG]

Phew...time for some shut eye...at 1:00PM. Wait...what day is it? lol

- Dan
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Two things off the top of my head: puddles on the top of flat roofed buildings, and particularly the puddles left after the rain.

How long will the puddles stay, and it what way will they disappear? I suppose you could really go two ways, either make them smaller, or just have them fade.

Edit:: Also, what is the impact on fps during the rain?

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Yup, good ideas. I just figured out how to do puddles on rooftops as I was reading your post.

The puddles will fade over a period of 1 hour in game time. I'm doing a alpha fade, not any kind of fancy scaling/etc. it should still look good.

FPS impact is negligable because I'm re-using the ocean/lake water reflection texture which I was already rendering. I'm only rendering the near actors/vehicles/etc into the water. Plus you can select the level of reflection detail in options.

Basically it should be no more expensive than rendering the glass on the buildings or the water in the ocean.

I'm not sure how the remaining parts of the rain scene will affect the framerate...we'll see once I start coding them.

- Dan

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The rainy atmosphere you've got there is really convincing. And congrats on 100k journal views!

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