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Ninja Strike!

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It's funny that I mentioned interesting Xbox 360 stuff last entry, because yesterday our 360 just stopped working[sad].

Anyway, on to Blocky Man progress, because

Since I still don't have a solid idea of what I'm going to do with the boss, I decided just to go on to level design and worry about it later. Now, I know I've said this just about every level, but this level is by far my favorite. The enemies work just like I wanted them to, and the results are quite challenging:

Something I'm having a great amount of fun with while designing the level is setting up traps with the Ninjas:

It actually is quite impressive in motion, because the Ninjas don't attack until you've landed on the platforms. When they do attack, it is very quick, so dodging it can be tough.

So I've decided once and for all what I'm going to do with the "Blocky Bucks" that are collected in levels. I don't know if you all have ever played Alien Hominid(I know that I can't right now because my Xbox 360 doesn't work!), but during that game the player collects different hats and stuff to wear. There will be a shop in Blocky Man accessible from the main menu that allows the player to buy different costumes for Blocky Man, and also buy secret characters like Stompy. Once you beat a level the money you collected will be added to the money you've already collected from other levels. Then, you can go to the shop and buy different items.

I didn't want the shops to be in-level because I figure being able to buy health and lives will mess with the difficulty. I also didn't want to add character power-ups because, well, the game is only five levels long, and once again I didn't want to mess with the difficulty. Being able to buy hats and characters won't mess with the gameplay but seems like a good use for the money.

And no, "Blocky Bucks" collected in custom levels can't be used to buy stuff. So, don't even think about making a level with 1000 "Blocky Bucks" and no enemies[grin]
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I like this idea, when I was playing Alien Hominid for the PS2 a good portion of my time was spent trying to get hats.

Are the secret characters going to play differently than Blocky Man, or are they going to be just a cosmetic change?

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The different characters will probably just be cosmetic changes. At most, a new character will run faster, or jump higher than Blocky Man.

Although, maybe I could make another character that is slower and can't jump as high as Blocky Man, and playing as that character would add extra challenge to the game.

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