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So, Vista...

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Having installed Vista yesterday, taking out my email and current system in an extreme case of what I like to call 'stupid-dumb-lack-of-reading-itis', I've spent alot of today trying to fix a harddrive which is playing up which has mostly involved sitting at the console and watching scandisk fail time after time after time after time...

However, upon my return from college (where my years of studying hardware led to the lecturer asking if what he was saying was correct half the time) I finally made it into Vista for a sizeable amount of time.

Sweet monkey lord this is such a nice OS.

As I mentioned in the other entry it's just smoother to use. I know people complain about the little 'gui effects' slowing them down, but honestly I prefer them, they make the experiance that much nicer when using things and draw the eye a bit easier. I'm using the x64 version and aside from my webcam (Creative you WILL be getting a kick in the balls from me...) drivers aren't an issue it seems, at least not for the stuff I've got.

My one complaint is directed at ATI's OGL drivers, which while present apprently lack FBO support (as tested with the FBO101 example app) and make The Parallax Project turn into some kinda freakish flashing thing which nearly made my eyes bleed, heh. I'm hoping this improves sharpish because I'd like to migrate to Vista pretty much full time ASAP. However, right now I'm going to have to install a copy of WinXP x64 in order to finish my final year project due to the dependance on FBOs and a working OGL driver [grin]

But, all in all, in the 3h or so I've been using it it's felt like a marked improvement over XP and even the user account stuff hasn't bothered me as it's been asking at logical points (like when I've tried todo admin stuff, which shock horror is it's job!).

I know alot of people will bash this OS because it's 'by M$' ($ intentional btw [wink]) or because of 'something I've heard' or other insane reasons but personally I love it...

To put it this way; if I had to pay money for it I would have done.
As it turns out I got it from my college via MSDN-AA, but I would have paid [grin]

In closing I'd like to address DecipherOne's comment to my last entry;

That is exactly why I always keep my system files, program files, and project files on separate partitions or disks. That shit has happened to me way too many times. You seem to be taking it rather well though. Way to stay positive.

Firstly, to anyone out there reading this who doesn't keep stuff away from their main OS drive; do it. now.
Programs can be reinstalled, data however is harder to do. Really, everyone should have a sane source control system in place, SVN on a physically seperate machine for preference (which I do and there is something comforting about hitting 'submit' and knowing that your work is safe away from your main machine).

The last bit about not letting it bother me is intresting; I'm an information hoarder, so losing 7 years worth of emails should be making my brain implode about now.. however I'm being more bothered by the fact that I'm not bothered than by the lack of emails... which is a little odd [grin]

I think it's just simplely down to me realising that in the time since the last copy of my mail was made, about a year back, nothing of importantance has happened so losing it all doesn't make much of a difference.

So, all in all, it's all good... currently it's all about the webmail however, until I get everything back up and running [grin]

So, in conclusion;
Vista rocks my world.
Installing OSes while half asleep is a bad plan.
I'm crazy.

Thanks, I now return you to the GDC journals (a location I wish I was...)
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