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I have lots of good news for once. The body shop called this afternoon to tell me that my car was finally done! Of course, they called at 4:55 PM (they close at 5:00 PM), so I will have to wait until tomorrow, but it is all cool. The bill is $700, and my parents are only going to make me pay $500 of since that was the original estimate. Also, our new insurance bill has come, and another shocker. It only went up $200 a year ( < $20 a month)! Of course I will be paying for this increase, but that seems like nothing. I was expecting 5 time that.

Anyway, nothing new in the programming world. I got the C# book by Jesse liberty last week and I have been messing around with that. C# is alot of fun to use. As soon as I finish the book and have a good grap of the language, I may start to use MDX through it, shouldn't be too much of a switch from VB.

My job has been going great. I did find that there is one "manager from hell", but she only works sundays (thank god), so I don't see her much. My first paycheck should be ready today, so I will get that the next time I work (Friday). It should be around 100 - 120 dollars depending on taxes. I am going to have to get a checking account at some point also.
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