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Clearing up the confusion...

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Jason Z


The Flexline
I finally fixed up my rasterizer yesterday. There was a bug in two different places, one in the scanline conversion and one in the horizontal line drawing. Both were tough to find, but very satisfying once I saw the whole thing working. I am looking forward to polishing up the rasterizer and moving on to the pixel shader soon!

The Laptop Chronicles
I want to clear up some confusion from the last post - I am not going to be applying power to the LiIon batteries! I am simply going to 'simulate' a battery by measuring the voltage at the pins that connect the battery to the laptop. The batteries will be quite far away from the laptop at any point that I am using it! There is nothing extraordinarily dangerous about doing this - as long as I am careful while probing the power connections things should be just fine. Thank you for showing your concern though, it is always good for someone to let you know when you are going down a slippery slope [grin]

Anyhow, I did some more research on the batteries and it looks like the logic board inside is used to make sure that the LiIon battery cells are only charged/discharged a certain number of times. Otherwise you end up with the nuclear Sony batteries that have been in the news lately.

The fact that the board inside of the battery is actively switching the output voltage on and off is actually a good sign. This should mean that the charging/discharging control is only one way - i.e. the laptop shouldn't have to communicate with the battery logic board to 'accept' the power. Hopefully all of the power switching is in the battery unit, making it easier to put a power supply in its place. We'll see how this works out, I actually only have a little bit of battery power left, so I won't have too many chances to try and measure the voltage at each pin. More to come on this one...

Ravuya, thanks for the suggestion - I never considered buying a Mac, but I have always liked their styling and OS. I'll have to check into getting one - especially if I can dual boot it with Vista!
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